First-Time Job Seekers: Jump-Start Your Career

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There is a lot to look forward to when a student graduates. Possibilities and opportunities await them, and the world is in their hands. But this stage is only the beginning, and first-time job seekers in the Philippines are free to explore and even get lost. It is in these experiences that they will learn and grow. 

You might be eager to finish school, so here’s a friendly tip: at all costs, be ready. A lot is on your way, and you may get overwhelmed at times, but your drive to succeed is what matters. On that note, here are some more advice for everyone:  

It’s okay to switch lanes

It is commendable to have a specific goal but give yourself some space to grow. If you’re only at the beginning of your journey, you need not worry. Having a job outside your preference is better than nothing, after all. 

It is ordinary for first-time job seekers to not get it right on their first job. Usually, you wouldn’t instantly land your dream job, so be open to other opportunities. You can wait, but you can only do so much waiting.

Be trainable

If you ever land a job that’s not your priority, still be grateful for it because chances may sometimes be limited. Have the will to learn so that you will excel. After all, another knowledge, skill, or ability added to your craft is an automatic advantage to the next part of your journey. 

Utilize your intuition

Many a time, you have to trust the process. But sometimes, you have to take it upon yourself. If you feel your current situation is not serving you anymore, look for other things you desire to explore.

Apart from being ready, it would matter even more if you continue to grow. First-time job seekers should enhance their skills and constantly look for ways to be better than who they were yesterday. On that matter, here are ways on how to promote professional growth to future-proof your career:

Step outside your comfort zone

The first thing to seeing change is taking risks. You will encounter lots of experiences that might seem new, but this will allow you to prosper and adapt to anything that comes your way. Take note of this quote according to Barbara Sher, “You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner.”

Accept criticisms

As aforementioned, you are always going to be a rookie at some point, and mistakes can be inevitable. But, this is how you gather knowledge along the way. Apart from learning by yourself, you should be open to seeking help from the outside— especially from the experienced. If they happen to point out something about you, take it lightly. That means that they are willing to help you in your quest to career progress.

Record your journey

As superficial as it may sound, tracking your accomplishments can be a significant benefactor in your growth. That way, you can monitor the things that you’ve done and determine if they are advantageous or otherwise. You can also look back on your journey, and witness how much you’ve developed over that course of time. 

There’s a saying that goes, “Everyone has their timing.” While you may believe that, it is still up to you how you choose to conquer the world after graduating.

Thankfully, there is assistance accessible to everyone nowadays. Job search engines are the best companion for first-time job seekers in the Philippines. Considering the level of their computer literacy, using them requires no effort. 

When it comes to your plans for the future, nothing should stop you. Although it may take some time, surely you’ll get there.


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