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Food Delivery Services For The Merchants

Food delivery Service LAHAT FOOD was launched in order to help our hardworking partnered stores and restaurants.

Running a store is not as easy as you think, as it requires more time and effort in a minor and major manner.


Aside from serving their customers, they also do various tasks such as cooking, taking delivery orders, checking deposit details, and managing articles. And if you don’t own a personal delivery driver, you should get one through an app.


We introduce to you the LAHAT FOOD. We help different stores and restaurants handle and automate their delivery services on their behalf so that they can focus on their important tasks.

Our service is constantly improving to benefit our partnered stores and restaurants. Today, we are joined by various businesses in different areas of the country.


Using our app, the services of our partners is getting better, leading to increase the customer’s satisfaction and sales.


Join LAHAT FOOD to make your work easier Together!


Free Shipping For Every Users

You can order as much as you want – “There were cases in other apps that I can’t order easily due to the high minimum amount per order. I was worried about the shipping cost. But, I don’t worry now anymore as I can easily order using LAHAT FOOD App!”


We remove the minimum amount per order system, and delivery fee for students, people who lives alone. and also for office workers so that our customers can enjoy the food they want anytime, and anywhere.


You can now order an extra cup of coffee without worries!

Try it now and download the app.


The Leading Food Delivery App

We ensure to deliver good experiences in your table anytime.

All deliveries of LAHAT FOOD are organized by an one-person-delivery-system, so your order are handle faster and safer than other delivery companies.  Also, our rider dispatching system is being improved every single day, so the more customers place their orders on our app, the faster the delivery time will be!


And if our rider does not arrive on time on your doors, we will closely analyze this inconvenience and make it up to you by a better service. So, we truly appreciate the open understanding of our customer.


You can also contact our  Customer Service Center 24 hours a day to raise your concerns. So, you may contact us anytime.


Currently, there are 400+ merchants onboarded on our app which customers can order anytime of the day. You can now shop for beauty, home appliances, books, flowers, and even groceries. Shop now!


Various Payment Methods

The most exquisite and delicate contribution of online ordering is, of course, the helpful automation system!  Everything in Lahat Food is automatic.


Have a hassle-free experience of tracking your order via chat and you can send a photo for proof of deposit after your payment!


Payments can be made directly withing the app! Order automatically using Gcash, Grab, Paymaya, Bank of Korea/Credit Card Payment, Cash, and Points Payment on your convenience!


You can also use your points easily in just 1 second!


Moving Forward Together

Food delivery LAHAT FOOD is all about convenience

LAHAT FOOD’s primary goal is to render a comfortable delivery experience for everyone.

Most of the customers have a lot of bad moments and perceptions pertaining to existing delivery platforms, which needs to be change. Behind the complexity, we establish an automated system to bring relief to the owners and customers by easily navigating delivery status, rider’s location, and payment anytime using our app.

LAHAT FOOD values the comfortability to both customers and partnered stores! With that, we always try something new!


Sharing What We Have

Our motto is “LAHAT FOOD is moving forward together”. Which explains how we value serving society. We also aim to donate some of our profits next year!


In addition, LAHAT FOOD is known as the highest-paying company to riders across other platforms, so that our riders who work hard for you can deliver your meals effectively.



Support LAHAT FOOD to deliver happiness in you!

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“The premier food delivery platform to connect Authentic foreign food.”