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interview tip sharing event

Lahat Jobs New Contest: Job-seeking Contributor of the Month

Event page link:… Attention successful Jobseekers!! Want to be the job-landing MVP (most valuable applicant)? Join now and be one of the five winners of the Lahat Jobs newest contest: Job-seeking Contributor of the Month. The lucky winners will get up to 1000 pesos of cash prize via GCash.  Wait there’s more, all those who will

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lahat jobs joins article cover image

LAHAT JOBS Joins Arriba Career Fair 2024

Graduating students are the present leaders on the journey toward the future, and as they prepare for what’s ahead, LAHAT Jobs extends help in connecting them to opportunities. We participated in the recently held Arriba Career Fair 2024 hosted by the Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The day has proven to be productive as

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job fairs philippines 2024 new cover image

Job Fairs Philippines 2024: Schedules And Know-Hows

More than finding opportunities, job fairs are a great avenue to do and gain more than what you came for. You’ll be able to have scholarly exchanges with employers and other participants to prepare for your future job. Learn more about job fairs Philippines 2024 and what you can benefit from attending these events. Chance to

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women in the workplace new cover image

Women In The Workplace: Celebrate Everyone This 2024

Society is adept at comparison, and whether we accept it or not, this is especially effective in the workplace; there are a lot of instances wherein discrimination occurs in a professional setting. More than the job itself, women worry about others’ perceptions of them. It is not a foreign idea to have judgment among colleagues,

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reward for excellent resumes article cover image

Reward For Excellent Resumes: LAHAT Jobs Recognizes

They say you reap what you sow, and searching for job opportunities is no different. What you put into the process determines the outcome. There are many ways to distinguish such feats, and a reward for excellent resumes is one. To honor the top participants and recognize their efforts, LAHAT Jobs held the Resume Rewards

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