Lahat Jobs New Contest: Job-seeking Contributor of the Month

Lahat Jobs New Contest
Attention successful Jobseekers!! Want to be the job-landing MVP (most valuable applicant)? Join now and be one of the five winners of the Lahat Jobs newest contest: Job-seeking Contributor of the Month. The lucky winners will get up to 1000 pesos of cash prize via GCash. 
Wait there’s more, all those who will participate in the contest will also get 100 pesos via GCash. So, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
But just a quick heads up, only the applicants who registered on the Lahat Jobs website and passed the job interview from 2022 onwards can join the contest. Keep that in mind!

Here’s the full Mechanics

– Only successful applicants with CVs and interview reviews passed from 2022 can register.
-Attach proof of passing the interview, but remove personal information such as photos, registration numbers, and addresses.
-The participants may not register duplicate registrations for reviews of the same company. If you wish to submit multiple entries, you may submit reviews of other companies.
-We send prizes to the registered mobile number in your LAHAT JOBS membership information.
-The list of winners and prizes for all participants will be available on the last day of each month (business days). So always check in the Event Zone > Winner Announcement.
-Five (5) excellent write-ups will win the competition. However, multiple entries do not guarantee additional winnings.
-Even after receiving the prize, individuals cannot delete their self-introductions and reviews.

REMEMBER to take note of these before joining!

interview tip event
– If proven that the participant submitted false information about passing an interview or self-introduction, the organizers will forfeit the prize.
– Leaving blank spaces or registering any falsified information will result in the exclusion from the list of winners.
– If a participant duplicates reviews with deceit and misinformation, the entry will lead to disqualification.
– Self-intros may be posted on the LAHAT JOBS website, app, and external channels and used for content production after a year.
– This event may end early without prior notice.
-The participant will not receive any prizes if you withdraw after participating in the event.
※ For event inquiries, please contact: or 0917-154-5777
Lahat Jobs is a new job search engine living up to its name. It offers diverse job opportunities from various companies and supports all kinds of job seekers to find the career they dream of in a fast and convenient manner.
What are you waiting for? Join now and become a winner!

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