Have a Sip of Summer: Five Trending Filipino Beverages to Beat the Heat

the best beverages 2024 summer

With the extreme heat temperature, it almost feels like we live in a huge oven and the sun seems to be enjoying baking us alive. To beat the heat,  here are some homemade mouthwatering refreshing drinks to try. But to those who do not have time to make it themselves and prefer to order, Lahat Food got you covered. We enumerate a list of food merchants that offer the best beverages this summer.


From classic lemonade to iconic colorful sweet samalamig, these cold drinks will make you forgive the cruel summer while walking on the summer street or working at home without a full-blast aircon.

Matcha Drink

No doubt that matcha took us by storm, but who wouldn’t be in love with its cool green color and savory taste that perfectly fits the taste of summer? Although slightly bitter, matcha has a gentle earthly taste with hints of grass and vegetables and a natural sweetness that makes Filipinos so obsessed with it.

What to try: If you are one of the matcha lovers, why not try one of the trending matcha float recipes in Tiktok? It is certainly much healthier than soda floats. https://www.tiktok.com/@faye.balbacal/video/7352350878294117638?q=matcha%20drink%20recipe&t=1715314858437

2024 best drinks in the Philippines

Where to order:  A classic matcha is always a fan favorite but if you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to try a variety of matcha flavors, we’ve got your back.  Chotto Matcha restaurant offers various flavors, from ube to strawberry to cool coconut and more that will perfectly blend with its fresh green color and vegetal taste. Having a taste of their matcha drinks feels like you are really transported to Japan. Oishi!    


Price: 105 pesos- 205 pesos

Iced Coffee

Filipinos are inherently coffeeholic— that’s a universal truth.  Even the sizzling weather can’t stop us from brewing our budgeted iced coffee to lighten the heat of summer days. Well, here’s a little trivia: The Coffeeness website revealed in their 2023 data that iced coffee is the most loved drink in the Philippines with either less ice or more ice, it’s just too good to resist!


What to try:   Iced coffee is simple to make, just mix your  3-in-one (or any of your favorite instant coffees) with the sweetener or milk of your choice (you can even serve it without milk) and voila!  But if you want to level up your cold coffee why not try this trending Thai-inspired iced coffee?


Iced coffee inspired from the streets of Thailand. This is what I saw on how they do it so don’t know if it’s the right way to do it hahaha 🤷🏻‍♀️ but this one tastes so good that my husband actually loves it! 🫶🏼 - iced coffee - condensed milk - hot water - lots of ice (it’s a strong coffee so i used a lot of ice to balance) - evaporated milk #coffee #coffeetiktok #coffeetok #coffeeaddict #icedcoffee #thailandstreetfood #thailandcoffee #homecafe #homecafeph #fyp #foryoupage

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2024 best drinks in the Philippines top3

Where to order:  Drinking coffee is one of the coziest things to do on earth. So as a coffee lover if you want to explore more coffee blends check out O Mango Six Coffee & Dessert. It offers fine coffees from classics such as cappuccinos and lattes to more unique options such as macchiatos and Americanos. They also offer other cool drinks that will satisfy your taste buds. This coffee shop definitely has something for everyone.  And not just that, this coffee shop is free on delivery through Lahat Food.



Price: 110 pesos- 210 pesos

Buko Pandan

Buko (coconut) for Filipinos spells summer and embodies any tropical country. It is one of the most popular beverages in the Philippines that anyone can see selling on the streets and in malls. This refreshing and sweet fan-favorite drink is made of pandan gelatin,  shredded young coconut, and creamy coconut juice. Trust us, you won’t be able to get enough of it!


What to try:  Why not leverage the classic taste of buko pandan with cheese foam topping? Like iced coffee, it is easy and affordable to make. Here’s a trending TikTok video on how to pull off that sweet, cool, and cheesy buko pandan recipe that will add a whole new dimension to your classic drink.


Buko Pandan Sago Drink Perfect sa Tag Init Ingredients 1/2 cup sago Jelly Mixture 25g Buko Pandan Jelly Powder 1/2 cup of sugar 1200ml water 500g Shredded Buko 250ml All Purpose Cream 1 can Evaporated Milk 1 cup Buko Juice 1 can Condensed Milk Cups 22oz Cups with Lid Dito ko binili: https://shope.ee/9zaftxTWM4 Boba Straw https://shope.ee/8Uls7EuHiK @

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2024 best drinks in the Philippines top5

Where to order: You are in for a treat with this famous tropical drink. Whether you want to order a classic buko pandan juice or you want a more upgraded delicious version that comes with honeydew and melon pudding, Quickly has everything to offer you to quench your thirst quickly. The juicy and sweet flavor of creamy buko pandan and pudding creates a perfect blend that is a tasty treat this summer. And not just that, they also offer buko pandan with sago, nata, and nago.


Price: 90 pesos-110 pesos

Fruity Juice

Want a healthy and trendy summer drink? We’ve got just the right drink for you.  Fruity juice will never be out on the list of the most popular summer beverages. Who wouldn’t want to quench their thirst and at the same time stay healthy? It is the perfect way to beat the heat and stay hydrated on these scorching summer days.


What to try: Why not try this cucumber lemonade juice? Both the cucumber and lemon boast health benefits that boost our immune system. So go ahead, give it a try! Here’s a TikTok trending recipe you can try at home.

courtesy of Greenhashtag89 Lahat Food app

Where to order: Speaking of healthy juice, Greenhastag89 offers a variety of fresh fruit juices that will surely delight your senses with their fragrant aroma and refreshing taste. Whether you are in the mood for sweet and tangy citrus or perhaps you want to try the Korean original drink misutgaru, Greenhastag89 has something for everyone.


Price: 190 pesos-220 pesos

Milk tea

We are all guilty of drinking this yummy beverage especially when the temperature begins to soar. Our tastebuds are always looking for Milk tea like an old friend that we all know. It’s refreshing, and it’s delicious, making it the perfect way to cool down on a hot day.


What to try: Because milk tea is a fan favorite across the country and is sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day, here’s a trending homemade brown sugar boba milk tea you can try.


Homemade Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea RECIPE: Black Pearls -1 cup tapioca pearls -10 cups water -1/4 cup brown sugar Brown Sugar Syrup -1 cup brown sugar -1/2 cup water Milk Tea Mixture -3 cups whole milk -3 to 5 bags Lipton Yellow Label Tea -1/2 cup heavy cream Get your Lipton Yellow Label in supermarkets nationwide or through the link in my bio! 💛 #milktea #brownsugarmilktea #milktearecipe #homemademilktea #easyrecipe #foodie #foodieph #drink #ysacraverave #EnjoyLiptonMoments #LiptonTeaCreations #LiptonPH @Lipton Philippines

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courtesy of Mipanda Milk Tea Lahat Food app

Where to order: Mipanda Milk Tea is a haven for all milk tea enthusiasts, offering a wide range of delightful milk tea that are bound to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you prefer traditional blends or experimental, unique creations, Mipanda has got you covered with its premium tea leaves and top-notch quality ingredients that are used in each cup. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing and flavorful milk tea experience, Mipanda Milk Tea is the perfect place to order.


Price: 110 pesos-160pesos

So ditch the sugary sodas this summer and explore the world of Filipino refreshments. These drinks will keep you cool this summer with their natural flavors, refreshing qualities, and social media-worthy aesthetics.





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