TikTok’s Popular Summer Foods Best Pang-Negosyo

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#BeatTheHeat with Pinoy Summer Foods | Summer na talaga! But according to the report of PAGASA, this is only the beginning as the summer heat peak will be in May. Hence, the temperature that we are experiencing right now can get higher in the next month with a chance of 40 degrees Celsius as a regular heat index. And worse, it may reach up to 52 degrees Celsius in the next month. 


Wait a minute! Kapeng mainit! I know you are stressed out right now but don’t let the hot weather make you short-tempered and hotheaded. Instead, use this season to earn money by trying these affordable and trending Pinoy summer food ideas that you can try at home. You don’t need a large investment for these because as low as P1,000, you can start your own summer business. Plus, you can help ease the pain – or should I say ease the hot feeling, of our fellow citizens out there. With that, no excuses are needed but only your time to read this article. Let’s get straight into it! 

Popular Filipino Summer Foods, Best Pangnegosyo

Compared to past summers, I think this year is the hottest of all time. Imagine, at 6 a.m., we are already roasted by the flaming hot sunrays. So, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen and drink plenty of water to avoid health implications like heat strokes, heat exhaustion, and even heat cramps. 


But the best thing to counteract the hot weather is none other than cold and sweet Filipino desserts. Halo-halo, mais con yelo, iskrambol, dirty ice cream. Nako! All of these are irresistible and mouthwatering. And at any time of the day, these are our only allies whenever we need something to freshen up from the stressful day. 


With that being said, here are the trending summer foods on TikTok that you can try to start a business this summer season. 

1. Overload Halo-Halo

If you heard the word “summer,” what’s the first Filipino summer foods that comes into your mind? For me, it’s Halo-halo! That’s why even though summer in the Philippines is really stressful, this “bowl of happiness” makes me excited for the summer season. Magpapahuli pa ba ang pambansang meryenda ng mga Pilipino? No way! 

Halo-halo is the most popular summer food in the Philippines. But did you know that this dish was influenced by Japan during prewar? Based on studies, how we preserved its ingredients, specifically the mongo, garbanzos, and kidney beans, was inspired by the preservation process of Japanese people. Later, our ancestors put crushed ice into it (which is similar to Japanese kakigori). 


Another Fun Fact: The Philippines had no supply of ice until the Americans imported it in the mid-19th century. With the construction of the Insular Ice Plant in Manila in 1902, Japanese traders in the country used this opportunity to sell their “mong-ya” or “mongo” in Filipino. 


With that, this summer season don’t forget to try Pinoy Halo-halo. You can try Overload Pinoy Halo-halo for only P70 in Balai Bagnet, located at @188 San Guillermo Street, Putatan, Muntinlupa City. Isn’t it sweet? I guess so. Order now! 

@balaibagnet_ Looking for affordable but sulit na meryenda? Try our Overload Halo Halo for 70 pesos only! #summervibes #summer #fypシ゚viral #fyp #halohalo #foodtiktok #balaibagnet ♬ Lil Boo Thang - Paul Russell

2. Saging con Yelo

I remember when I was an elementary student, after our class ended, I went straight to a local store outside our school just to buy my favorite merienda called “Saging con Yelo”. The sweetness and softness of saging na saba (sweet plantain) have no comparison, especially when it is served with ice and a lot of milk. Talagang panalo! 


Trending Tiktok Affordable Saging con yelo 필리핀 배달 Food delivery ph - LAHAT FOOD
(Photo courtesy: @miadelosreyes_ )

Saging con Yelo is a popular Filipino comfort food made of saging na saba (as its main ingredient), crushed ice, langka (jackfruit), and milk, which is affordable to everyone. Because for only P20 – P30, your childhood self would be super happy. Check out this trending TikTok video from @miadelosreyes_ to learn how to recreate this dish: 

@miadelosreyes_ Sharing you my 2 favorite summer dessert na sobrang easy to prepare at pwede gawin negosyo with @ILoveAngelMilk Gawing #AngeliciousSummer ang experience this summer with Mais Con Yelo and Saging Con Yelo with Angel Evaporada. ❤😋 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #summerdessertideas ♬ original sound - It's me MAMA MIA on FB

3. Mango Tapioca

Oh Mango, where does our love go? Tama na ang drama. There’s another delightful Filipino snack that your kids will love. From its vibrant colors and adorable looks of gelatins and pearls to the sweet taste that is just right for the summer season. All your worries and drama in life will subside. Here you go! It’s your time to shine, Mango Tapioca!

Mango Tapioca dessert became a hot topic in 2023 but until today, we can still see different short-form videos of how-to-create-mango-tapioca-at-home and different hacks just to make it more affordable. You can create Mango Tapioca with only 6 ingredients including gulaman, sago, mango, evaporated milk, condensada, and all-purpose cream. Watch the video from @foodtripniedz, who knows you could be the next TikTok foodie star: 

@mrhatgulaman Wag Puro Fruit Salad! Pag ito ang sinubukan mo, siguradong babalik-balikan mo! Creamy Mango Tapioca Jelly Salad 🥭 #EatsLTD #asmr #asmrcooking #fyp #foryoupage #recipesforyou #recipesoftiktok #craevings #mango #mangosalad #mangojelly #sagotgulaman ♬ France Accordion Swing - MIZUSATO Masaki

Popular Filipino Summer Foods, Best Pangnegosyo

4. Milky Choco Jelly

  Milk or chocolate? Don’t let me answer that question because it’ll be hard for me to decide. And if you are like me, there’s a Filipino snack for milk and chocolate lovers. Yes, that’s right! This is comfortable this summer season because aside from chocolate chunks of gelatin, you can also taste the right amount of milky flavor in this drink. Milky Choco Jelly, everyone! 

Milky Choco Jelly in a Bottle is perfect to freshen up, especially for our kids who love chocolate milk drinks. What’s fun in this summer food is the simple colors yet captivating in the eyes of foodie lovers with a child at heart. With that, learn more about the recipes and step-by-step guide from @ajsflix here: 

5. Ice Cream Cake

POV: You’re craving a slice of cake, but you also want ice cream. You can’t choose which matters most between the two? How about the idea of combining them into one spectacular dessert? Worry less because there’s a summer food called Ice Cream Cake. 

The creation of ice cream cake was inspired by the dessert called “trifle” during the Renaissance period. A trifle is an American dessert made of thin layers of sponge fingers or sponge cake and cream, then served with tropical fruits. 


Ice cream cake is easy to make because even if you don’t know how to bake, with a little tweak and imagination, you can create your own frozen treat. In the video below, you can learn how to make this frozen buddy with simple and affordable ingredients that you can buy from a local sari-sari store near your neighborhood. Check this video from @mommyjanaandfamily. 

Let's Beat the Heat with Pinoy Summer Foods!

The best way to spend your summer vacation is by spending a lot of time with your family and friends while enjoying the astonishing views of beaches. Floating around the waves with a coconut drink in your hand while taking a selfie on the other. And most especially, creating your Pinoy summer foods or coolers like what I have suggested above. Create your own style of these desserts and don’t forget to share your summer experiences in the comment section. 


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