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Zyca's Takoyaki 필리핀 배달 Food delivery ph - LAHAT FOOD

Narito na ang pinagkakaguluhan ng bayan! Hindi mo na kailangan ng isang Piolo Pascual o John Lloyd Cruz. Because your heart might skip a beat for the affordable Takoyaki in the city. Get enchanted to meet Zyca’s Takoyaki, a home-based business that offers prime Takoyaki and other merienda snacks. Surely, you will find yourself coming back and running to the Zyca’s menus. So, let’s not beat around the bush and make this foodie connection happen.

Everything You Need to Know About Takoyaki

Takoyaki is a popular Japanese street food that is commonly filled with diced octopus, which is why it’s also called “Octopus Balls”. The perfect cooking of Takoyaki lies in the hands and magic of a circular pan personalized for cooking them. On the other hand, this fried snack is made up of a special Takoyaki batter which contains all-purpose flour, baking powder, eggs, Japanese stock (Dashi), salt, and soy sauce. Today, you can buy a mix in different shops

In addition, aside from octopus, you may use different fillings like cabbage, ham and cheese, shrimp, tofu, kimchi, and many more. Your imagination is the only limit! As for sauces, they are typically made of teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, and then served with bonito flakes.

Pave the Way to Affordable Takoyaki in the City!

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Here are the things you need to know about the thriving journey of Zyca’s.


Zyca’s Takoyaki started as a small business during the pandemic in July 2020. Owned by Mr. Edison Santos, the name of the store was inspired by their first daughter, Zyca Aishleen. At first, Mr. Santos thought of having another business aside from his job. Since he had a lot of time to spare, he used his skills as a waiter in a restaurant for his own business. Bit by bit, their small business started to grow, and then they expanded their menu aside from their best-seller Takoyaki. Thereafter, they partnered with different food delivery platforms.

Zyca's Takoyaki 필리핀 배달 Food delivery ph - LAHAT FOOD
(Photo courtesy: Zyca's Takoyaki Facebook Page)

Kilig to the Max with Zyca’s Special Takoyaki Treats

Come, feel this magic with various flavors of Takoyaki treats from Zyca’s including their best-sellers Tako 4 Cheese and Tako Full. Other flavors are also available, such as ham and cheese, crab sticks, and octobits. Meal prices start at P120 (price may vary depending on flavors and quantity). So, let the magic unfold!

Best-seller Tako 4 Cheese

Indulge in the creamy goodness of the Tako 4 Cheese Meal, available in 8, 12, and 15 pieces. Tako 4 Cheese is made up of octopus bits, cheese bits, and vegetables. Served with two cheese sauces, sliced cheese, kewpie dressing, and topped with aonori.

Satisfy your hunger with Tako Full

In addition to Tako 4 Cheese, Tako Full is another must-try meal. It consists of octopus bits, ham, and cheese, served with special takoyaki sauce, kewpie dressing, and topped with aonori and bonito flakes. Available in servings of 8, 12, and 15 pieces.

Ding! Mix and Match! : Zyca's Sandwiches, Milk Tea, Other Drinks

Moreover, you could also try to mix and match takoyaki with their other mouthwatering delicacies. Take a big bite of their Burger Duo. P.S.: The whole town has gone wild about this, and you probably will too.

If you’re a matcha lover, I bet you’re eagerly waiting for the word “matcha” to be mentioned in this blog. No worries, mate! Zyca offers a cold and creamy version of their Matcha Latte. You can also enjoy other milk tea drinks like Dark Chocolate, Okinawa, Winter Melon, Salted Caramel, and Cookies and Cream. But if you’re not a fan of milk tea, Lemonade is also available. Prices start at only P57.

This was my 2nd time to order. Nauna pa maubos keysa magreview. 🤣 Ang sarap po talaga ng takoyaki at sulit din yung burger sandwich na Buy 1 Take 1. OMG!!! Ang laki pa ng burger sulit na sulit! Will order agaaaaain sa sahod. Ubos na budget ko sa tindahan niyo, sarap ulit-ulitin HAHAHAHA ❤️

What’s Hot Now in Zyca’s?

We always have that friend who craves Takoyaki every single day but never buys one. Guess what? You can now try Zyca’s special delicacies wherever you are. Get them delivered to your home using the LAHAT FOOD app today and receive P100 LAHAT Points (applicable for first-time users only).

“It's really big help ang LAHAT FOOD po sa amin dahil napakabait po ng may-ari dahil almost 2 years na i ithink na free delivery pa rin sila...In terms of delivery po it's really big help for us. Lalo po sa malalayong lugar na hindi na po kayang hatiran around Malibay. At nakikilala po ang Zyca’s sa ibang place because of LAHAT FOOD.”

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