LAHAT Group: Bridging Every Filipino To Convenience

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The Internet is a land of opportunities. It has become a virtual realm for everyone because of the simplified processes. This revolution has allowed businesses to enter the online world and has undoubtedly made everyone’s lives more convenient. LAHAT Group has made its presence valued by its users and continues to aim to be one of the most preferred service providers in the Philippines.

Through the desire to attend to the Filipino people’s needs, LAHAT Group expands their reach with LAHAT Food and LAHAT Jobs. Learn more about our commitment here:

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LAHAT Group’s LAHAT Food


LAHAT Food aims to be the preferred food delivery platform for Asian cuisine by constantly elevating and expanding our selection of restaurants and dishes and delivering them with the highest standards of quality and service.


Our mission is to bring the diverse flavors of Asian cuisine to the doorstep of food lovers by offering a convenient and seamless food delivery experience through our platform.

Filipinos are some of the biggest consumers of the Internet in the world. To think that online shopping is prevalent and everyone (obviously) has the resources to do so, why resort to the hassle of going outside? Here are some other ways to convince you that online shopping benefits you:

The wait is worth it

Yes, there’s a satisfying feeling in going to the malls and shopping physically, but there are days when you can’t see fit. Everyone is either in their offices for most of the day or is too preoccupied with anything else that they do not have time to visit the groceries and cook when they get home. But, with LAHAT Food, you can skip the hassle and reap without much sowing. There is a variety of food that you can choose from by simply browsing through the app. Just pick, click order, and then wait. Simple and easy!

More flavors

Every once in a while, we crave something outside the ordinary, and there’s no harm in trying new things. Food brings us comfort. One part of it is letting you experience home through your taste buds. So, what would you feel if we told you you can explore cultures through food in the comfort of your home? The LAHAT Food app takes you on a trip with its diverse menu. There’s no need to pause and contemplate just to satisfy your palate. Order now and explore various flavors today!   

We live in a progressive age where anything and everything is online. As we all know, job searching is not a walk in the park— you must go through numerous processes to advance to its stages. Thankfully, job search engines are here to be your best companion in landing that next job, and LAHAT Group got you covered.  

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LAHAT Group’s LAHAT Jobs


Inspired by the need for a more efficient and user-friendly job search platform in the Philippines, Lahat Jobs was founded in 2023 to provide better job search experiences to Filipinos. With a team of passionate and experienced professionals, we have developed a platform that is intuitive, informative, and easy to use.


Our mission is to transform the job search experience in the Philippines by providing job seekers with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to discover and apply for job openings. We are committed to making the job search process simple, efficient, and stress-free while providing the best job-matching services for job seekers.

Why is LAHAT Jobs different?

LAHAT Jobs connects you to opportunities. With its standout features, you are always one step ahead in job searching. The following are listed to highlight such qualities:

HR Talk

Have you ever felt lost while job-seeking? Having doubtful thoughts is usually expected of an applicant, but solutions to such problems exist. Thanks to the HR Talk feature, job seekers can exchange information with each other— whether questions, answers, or suggestions— without worries.

AI Integration

Everything can be better, especially in job searching, because you’re up against many candidates. You craft your resume to near perfection to get noticed, but you can enhance it further with AI Integration. AI or artificial intelligence is a new phenomenon in the workforce. It emulates human capabilities and can even go beyond its boundaries, revolutionizing the processes. With its assistance, your resume and cover letters will stand out among the rest.

Job Map

Jobs are everywhere, but locations can be challenging to map out. Of course, there are options to go online, but the LAHAT Jobs app’s built-in job map has you covered. You do not have to switch between the apps, saving you time. In addition, the map pins also represent the job listings available within proximity. Job seeking has never been this convenient.


It’s great to have help available whenever you need it, and establishing connections is one way to do just that when looking for jobs. When you belong to a professional network, you will be able to have access to helpful information on how to land opportunities. LAHAT Jobs features this in which they have professionals from their end ready to provide answers to your queries. 

With every vision and mission comes the responsibility of a company to provide services in the best way they can. From your household to the workplace, LAHAT Group bridges every Filipino to convenience. Visit our website, download our app, and be connected to more possibilities today.