High-Paying Jobs: Working Your Way Up

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Our formative years primarily consist of dreams and ambitions, and Filipinos are known as hardcore goal-seekers. There is a pressure to always be at the top of your game when raised in the Filipino culture; we have always had a vision of the life we want and have carried those aspirations as we grew. It eventually merges with your goals as a student— you work hard at school to make it big. So, should you finish your studies in the clover, high-paying jobs in the Philippines await you. 

Even though countless job listings are everywhere online, you can’t send in applications impulsively. Everything takes time, experience, and even expertise. The people with high-paying jobs have worked tirelessly to get to where they are. On that note, here are tips to inch closer to landing a job that pays well:

Master the fundamentals

We all have to start somewhere, most times in small ways. Remember this: “The most complex processes start with the basics,” and careers are no different from this concept. People who started working as associates turn out to be managers in time. So, remind yourself to be patient and keep striving. 

Never stop learning

Now that you’ve encountered the generality, you should retain what you have acquired. Then, supplement your brain with newer knowledge to promote self- and career growth. The more you learn, the more competent you’ll be. That should be one of your edges once you apply for higher-paying jobs.

Diversify your experience

Picking up from the previous point, remaining stagnant will not serve you well. We are not suggesting that you jump from one job to another, but to gain all the relevant (and more advantageous) experiences to enhance your competence. 

Competition gets tough as time progresses. The workplace continuously evolves, demanding a more advanced workforce in return. So, more than dedicating yourself solely to working hard set some aside and invest it to branch out from the usual. That should be your chance to cultivate a skill beyond your craft. 

Once you dare to take a step further, do it, and do it well. And once you’ve completed the primary aspects, urge yourself to take risks. 

One point across another, dreams aren’t the only force to fuel a Filipino worker’s dreams. There is another layer to why they seek high-paying jobs in the Philippines. The following are the reasons why:

Cost of living

You can’t fault someone for demanding more than what they’re provided. Judging from the status of our economy, Filipinos work extra just to make ends meet. For some, what they’re earning just won’t do, so they prefer jobs that pay handsomely.

The commodity prices have significantly risen in the last year due to inflation, so some Filipinos are greeted by financial restrictions. A large percentage of the citizens’ earnings go straight into nowhere but the bills and groceries. 

Insufficient earnings

The Philippines isn’t exactly the recommended place to seek high-paying jobs. In comparison to other countries, we offer much lower wages. In fact, among 110 countries surveyed, the Philippines ranked 95th in employee compensation. (Lalu, 2020). So, you can’t blame Filipinos for asking beyond what they earn. Every Filipino worker’s dilemma is that they constantly work, but there’s little left for savings.

Job security

There is no guarantee to where you are now. So, Filipinos always search for a safety net in case the unwanted happens. At this height of quality of life, staying still is unaffordable. It is one thing to have a high-paying job, but job security would make it better. 

We all pursue our ambitions of thriving later in life. They drive us to achieve what we want for ourselves. As aforementioned, it takes baby steps to grow. Yes, time can tell, but so can you. 

A lot of assistance is within reach, and the internet is one. You can use it to inform yourself about things you’re lacking. Might they be concerns, inquiries, or opportunities, it’s the one place to be. 

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