LAHAT FOODS -The better Food delivery Service

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Leading a Better Delivery Culture in the Philippines

LAHAT FOOD, which specializes in delivering famous restaurants in the Philippines, launched its service in 2023 with the goal of creating a better delivery culture in the country.


Across other food delivery services, LAHAT FOOD aims to provide its customers with a convenient and comfortable delivery of food.


In addition, the said delivery platform is dedicated to becoming the best food delivery app by unleashing different tastes of foods around the world to Korean, local, and other foreign customers.


The company’s mission is to provide the most convenient food delivery service to foreigners and locals in Metro Manila, especially those who are interested in cooking using a multilingual food delivery app.

LAHAT FOOD, which specializes in delivering good restaurants available in the Philippines, not just deliver food but also experiences.

Beyond numerous food delivery services, LAHAT FOOD was launched to provide the most convenient and comfortable service to its customers.


That’s why, we strive and work hard so that you can grasp the universal taste of foods. 🙂

Food Delivery App That’s Established for Merchants

LAHAT FOOD is built to solve different predicaments of busy store and restaurant owners out there. Running a store is harder than you think as it requires more time and effort. Other than serving customers, it also inquires about various tasks such as having to cook, taking delivery orders, checking deposit details, and managing articles. And if you don’t have a driver, an application is essential.


To help the hard-working store and restaurant owners, LAHAT FOOD is here to handle delivery matters, so that they can focus more on their tasks.


That’s why, we constantly improve our service to consider the owners. With these efforts, LAHAT FOOD is joined by more local businesses each day.

Free Shipping For Everyone

YOU CAN ORDER AS MUCH AS YOU WANT – “There were cases in other apps that I couldn’t order easily due to the high minimum amount per order. I was worried about the shipping cost. But, I don’t worry now anymore as I can easily order using the LAHAT FOOD App!”


Ordering an extra cup of coffee with free delivery!

You can now order without worrying about the delivery fee using LAHAT FOODS today!


LAHAT FOOD’s primary goal is to render a comfortable delivery experience for everyone.


Most of the customers have a lot of bad moments and perceptions pertaining to existing delivery platforms, which need to be changed. Behind the complexity, LAHAT FOOD initiated to establish an automated system to bring relief to the owners and customers by easily navigating delivery status, rider’s location, and payment anytime using our app.


LAHAT FOOD values the comfortability of both customers and partnered stores! With that, we always try something new!