Tikman Natin! Best Merienda Snacks in the Metro

Best Merienda Snacks in the Metro

It’s three o’clock. Merienda na! Whether you are in the comfort of your home, at school, or the office, the afternoon snack or what we Filipinos call merienda is another way to survive a long day. 


Walking through history, Spain colonized the Philippines for 300 years and introduced us to its rich culture, such as merienda which we wholeheartedly embraced. The website TasteAtlas defines this Spanish culture as a typical late afternoon light snack between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. However, Filipinos eat merienda slightly earlier. It is always eaten around 3- 5 pm during siesta time, equivalent to afternoon tea.  When 3 pm strikes, everyone pauses their activities and nothing can distract us from enjoying our delightful little time while eating delectable sweet and savory treats. 


For your light snack cravings such as bread and pastries, Lahat Food is ready to serve you whenever and wherever you are. Here are some of our merchants that serve sweet and savory light snacks that will satisfy your stomach.

1. Mr Park’s Bread & Cake - The Best Snacks in the Metro

Mr Park's Bread & Cake

Bread lovers, you don’t need to look somewhere else. Located in Makati, Mr. Park’s Bread & Cake serves premium savory pieces of bread and cakes that are perfect for a delightful late-afternoon treat.  For less than 300 pesos, treat yourself to Mr. Park’s original recipe— Pane Pasta. It is a large crusty sourdough bread that doubles as a bowl filled with creamy pasta. You can also buy 3-4 assorted freshly baked breads in one pack to compliment your cozy afternoon.  Don’t also miss out on their delectable kimchi croquette and cream puffs. Yummy!!


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/1aa4ff16-01ec-411d-a075-0aec6fa3e775

2. Panaderya Express - The Best Snacks in the Metro

Panaderya Express

Living up to its name, this local bakery in Sta. Cruz Manila is certainly your go-to destination when your stomach craves authentic delicious Pinoy bread such as Kabayan, Pandecoco, Spanish bread, Toasted Siopao, pianono, and more. For less than 100 pesos you can buy 10 to 20 pieces of these classic Filipino breads. So if you are into local pastries and bread, Panaderya Express will complete your late-afternoon snacks with a hot or cold coffee.


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/e1ee4372-9cc5-416f-8718-5d021266e9ca

3. Tita Vic’s Cakes and Pastries - The Best Snacks in the Metro

Tita Vic's Cakes and Pastries

Known for its delicious and creamy banana cake, Tita Vic’s Cake and Pastries in Quezon City will surely not disappoint you. Their level-up banana cake not only boasts a generous dose of ripe banana goodness, but it also surprises with its incredibly moist texture and a luscious cream cheese filling. Moreover, they also offer a variety of French pastries ranging from classic croissants to flavorful sweet breads such as Pan Au Chocolat, Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, and more. C’est délicieux!


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/15b3e202-9bb9-4d06-8d84-9790340f8cd1

4. Family Panaderia - The Best Snacks in the Metro

Family Panaderia

We Filipinos have a great fondness for bread with delicious fillings. So if you are looking for delectable sandwiches, empanadas, siopao, or any pieces of bread with fillings, Family Pandaderia in Quezon City can be your go-to destination. For empanadas, they have meaty savory flavors such as Chicken Ala King, Pork Cubanna, and Tuna. While for siopao, they serve their delicious ube cheese siopao. Additionally, their Cheesesteak Sandwich is seasoned with a delicious blend of herbs, spices, and veggies for a flavorsome sandwich that also comes with a variety of fillings such as chicken fillet, smash beef, beef birria taco, beef Philly, and more.


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/d4fdb17d-a00a-4d3d-b6a4-32f4614ec5e6

5. Omangosix Coffee & Dessert - The Best Snacks in the Metro

Omangosix Coffee & Dessert

If you are a fan of butterbread, then you should check out the Omangosix nestled in Paranaque. They serve buttery bread with garlic and honey flavors. You can also accompany your order with a variety of cool and refreshing beverages such as yogurt blends, real mango with options like mix coconut, tapioca, and more, colorful ade and tea, as well as hot and cold coffees— all perfect for your afternoon merienda.


Order here:https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/7012afcb-c5a6-4323-9151-49b3ae2c7d0b

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