Celebrating Father’s Day Unwavering Love with Lahat Food

Celebrating Father's Day with Lahat Food

To all the children around the world, ‘tis the time to honor and celebrate our hardworking fathers who raised us with unwavering paternal love and kindness regardless of our life choices and circumstances.  On this Father’s Day, let’s give them a sweet and memorable treat. 


However, before we go to the sweet and delicious part for Father’s Day, aren’t you curious when it all began?

Unveiling Father's Day's Roots

Here’s a little trivia: Father’s Day would not exist on the calendar without the man behind it who inspired his daughter to convince people that, just like mothers, who are the light of the home, fathers, who are known as the pillar of the home, should also be celebrated.


Meet William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran whose exemplary love and dedication to his children served as the inspiration behind the annual celebration to honor fathers.


Smart went through the heart-wrenching loss of two wives. He raised alone his six children, providing them with a balance of discipline and nurturing affection. He ensured that his children received the love, care, and guidance they needed, despite the immense personal challenges he faced.


In 1909, his daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd campaigned to establish Father’s Day after hearing a sermon in the church during Mother’s Day. Then, in1972, President Richard M. Nixon signed a congressional resolution officially designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day, solidifying its significance. This was a historic moment, taking 62 years from the initial idea to its official recognition.

Sweeten Up Dad's Day: Delicious Treats

Now that Father’s Day is coming this Sunday (June 16, 2024), whatever we call our father— Dad, Daddy, Papa, Tatay, Paps, Erpat and more— no doubt their care and support deserve our recognition and appreciation.


So, don’t worry, Lahat Food is here to deliver to you the sweetest treat for the Father’s Day celebration.

1. Ube Halo-Halo Cake - Father's day with LAHAT Food

ube halo halo cake

Sounds very Filipino, doesn’t it? Boulangerie22 offers a delightful and sweet treat that no dad can resist on his special day, especially those who love ube flavor. This 7.5-inch cake consists of a luscious layer of creamy flan combined with Korean red beans. It all resting on a moist and flavorful ube sponge, complemented by a delightful Ube Butter Cream.


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/3bda6e18-20e7-43dc-8f86-d8209145b506

2. French Apple Crumble - Father's day with LAHAT Food

french apple crumble

For those whose fathers are avid fans of apple pie, the Pasig-based French pastry shop Le Rêve Pâtisserie offers their acclaimed French apple pie, which is one of the best in Manila. With every bite, you can savor the sinful taste of thinly sliced apples layered with just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamon, all topped with a special crust that adds a delightful crispiness and balances the flavors.


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/8e3b2e0c-053c-4dbe-9a51-e0e79a7c07ee

3. Tiramisu Cake - Father's day with LAHAT Food

tiramisu cake

This classic Italian dessert, beloved by Filipinos, will surely be a sweet and delightful treat for all fathers in their special day. E cake offers their delectable tiramisu cake, which has a combination of coffee flavor and cocoa, typically flavored with vanilla to balance the bitter taste, in the creamy moist sponge cake in every bite creates a truly memorable experience.



Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/7d222804-82b1-4edd-8637-c269faa184c1

4. Matcha Cheesecake - Father's day with LAHAT Food

macha cheese cake

If your father is an avid fan of matcha, there’s no need to go elsewhere. The Makati-based house of matcha, Chotto Matcha, serves its Matcha cheesecake made with premium matcha from Mt. Fuji. In every bite, you can taste the smooth, creamy cheese combined with the earthy matcha flavor that melts in your mouth. The chocolate crust adds a touch of sweetness to balance the matcha’s bitterness.


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/177c7afa-2f9c-4e76-9ad9-2aeec64552c1

5. Pistachio Sansrival - Father's day with LAHAT Food

pistachio sansrival

 At Tita Vic’s Cakes & Pastries, a French pastry shop located in Quezon City, you can savor the exquisite Pistachio Sansrival cake, a beloved treat among Filipinos. Imagine biting into layers of sweet meringue that yields a smooth, nutty cream, all delicately enveloped in a light dusting of pistachio crumb. This indulgent creation is truly unforgettable, making it the perfect choice for any special occasion.


Order here: https://www.lahatfood.com/share/stores/15b3e202-9bb9-4d06-8d84-9790340f8cd1