Winging It? Lahat Food Got You Covered on National Fried Chicken Day

national fried chicken day

Are you craving fried chicken right now? The crunchy, juicy, crispylicious, and savory chicken that also leaves your fingertips coated?  Well, you have the all the rights to crave, because July 6  is  National Fried Chicken day!


This classic dish can be served and eaten any time of day, night, and in any mood. It is everyone’s comfort food. Many restaurants and food chains have seen people enjoying this classic fried dish in various settings – with groups, alone, during ups and downs, while celebrating, on dates, or simply on ordinary days. It does not only satisfies your hunger, but it also helps create lasting memories with every bite.


The PR Newswire reported in November 2023 that 79 percent of consumers experience a strong desire for fried chicken for at least one month or more. Furthermore, two in five individuals reported craving this delicious dish at least once a week.


In the Philippines, where fried this crunchy chicken is sold in streets, eateries, restaurants, stalls, and fast food it is already becoming part of the city and town landscape, it ranked as a topped dish according to the Streetbees Study. The 2023 article of Unilever Food Solutions revealed that Filipinos adored this crispylicious dish because it’s a pocket-friendly and easy-to-prepare dish that pairs perfectly with various accompaniments other than rice such as spaghetti, fries, and bread. 

Frying Through Time: Chicken's Journey

fried chicken

Believe it or not, fried chicken is way older than Colonel Sanders! Rolling back 1700-1900s, the first recipe of this all-time favorite comfort food was in Scotland. Although evidence suggests that frying techniques existed in ancient Rome, Scotland gets the credit for the first documented recipe in the 18th century, using breadcrumbs and seasoned fat.


Meanwhile, West African cuisine brought its own deep-frying techniques alongside distinctive spices. Consequently, different influences collided in the American South. These included Scottish immigrants who introduced their methods of frying and enslaved Africans who used their flavorful seasonings. As a result of that, this delicious mixture became a staple in the South to be enjoyed beyond Sunday dinners. Even though most people now identify Colonel Sanders as the face of this delicious fried dish globally, it is really a story of global exchange and cultural heritage.

Where to Order Delicious Fried Chicken

To satisfy your chicken cravings, Lahat Food is just a call away, ready to deliver the most delicious fried chicken to your doorstep, wherever and whenever you want.

1. Noki Japanese Fried Chicken

Noki Japanese

Check out this Japanese fried chicken restaurant based in Quezon City! They offer a variety of bold and flavorful chicken dishes that will satisfy any chicken enthusiast. Their menu includes their signature torinoki, with various flavors such as the famous teriyaki, crowd-favorite Hot Miso Garlic Torinoki, and the herby cheesy flavor Chizu Basil Torinoki. Oishi!


Where to order?

2. Kazi Kazi Fried Chicken

Kazi Kazi

For those who love spicy fried chicken, this fried chicken house in Makati offers a menu featuring a variety of flavorful options. Each  order allows you to choose from seasonings like secret pepper, spicy pepper, cheese, lemon, kimchi, or curry, adding extra enjoyment to the already flavorful chicken.


 Where to order?

3. Moiza Restaurant

Moiza Restaurant

This Malate-based restaurant offers a variety of chicken options for enthusiasts who enjoy both bone-in and boneless. You can order a bucket of Tongdak chicken glazed in a savory sauce, Korean fried chicken known as yangnyeom chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce, and soy chicken with a soy-infused sauce. They also offer tteok dakgangjeung, which is a crispy chicken with the addition of chewy, savory tteok or rice cake.


Where to order?

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