CRAVING FOR SOMETHING NEW? Check this food delivery app

Food delivery app

We can all agree that Samgyupsal is so overrated. That’s why, I know you’re craving for some new food to serve with our family and friends. Don’t worry anymore because I got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to have a food fest whenever you are, using LAHAT FOOD delivery app.

LAHAT FOOD App – The newest and fastest Korean delivery app today!

Looking for Korean, Japanese, or Filipino food? Just name it and we all have it. Download the LAHAT FOOD App and enjoy their free shipping offers within Metro Manila. But that’s not all! You can have a chance to received P300 points right after you created your account. Read more to get the full details.

Click here to download the app through Google Play or Apple App Store

Food delivery app

Here's how to earn P300 bonus points that you can use to pay your order

  1. Download the LAHAT FOOD app through Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Create your account by entering your email, password, and nickname
  3. Select your country and enter your phone number. Wait for the SMS code to verify your account details.
  4. Enter the code and enjoy exciting promos and features on the app.

Setting up your delivery information

  1. In your cart, select the payment button and then select the ‘Change’ button on the right side of the ‘Delivery Info’. You can also select the Location Setting in the home section.
  2. Select ‘What’s your location’ engine and search for your address.
  3. Tap on the ‘Select place’ button. Add your building, floor, unit, etc., and then confirm.
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Want to change your phone number? Here's how:

  1. In your cart, select the payment button and then select the ‘Change’ button on the right side of the Phone Number. You can also change your phone number by going to your Account.
  2. Add your phone number. You will receive an SMS code and then enter the provided code to verify your number.
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How to redeem my points?

Right after you downloaded and create your account, you will instantly receive P100 bonus points. And after ordering your first order, you will receive another P100 points. Fancy isn’t it? here’s how to redeem your points to pay for your order.



  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to your account settings by clicking the ‘My’ button on the lower right side of your screen.
  3. Your points will now appear on your screen. Click the ‘Guide’ button to learn more about the details of your points.
  4. In redeeming your points, add your order first and then go to your cart. Select the payment button, and then scroll down in your payment information.
  5. You can see your point below the ‘Payment Method’ data. Enter the amount of points you want to use or select the ‘Full Use’ button if you prefer to consume all of your points.
  6. Now, you can claim your points by clicking the ‘Payment’ below. (Note: Points can only be used for orders over 300 points. See the Guide button located on your account for more information.) You can also see your points earned and usage by clicking the ‘Point History’ button.

Step-by-steps guide on how to order your food

Follow on these steps to know more about the restaurants’ menu and to add to your cart.

  1. Open the app
  2. Search for your order or preferred store.
  3. To browse your food, you can ‘Brief View’ (with price only) or ‘Big view’ (with price and pictures) the menus located on the right side of Menu Intro.
  4. Select your order. Add preferred quantity and then select ‘Add to cart’ button. 
  5. You may see or delete your order by clicking the view cart button.
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In terms of how to proceed with your payment:

  1. In your cart,  select the ‘Payment’ button below.
  2. Add your delivery info, phone number by clicking the ‘Change’ button.
  3. You can have a request to your selected store by filling up the ‘Request from Store’. When requesting the rider, you can select your request or write on your own.
  4. Select ‘Payment Method’ (you can pay through eWallet, KRW Payment or Cash).
  5. To redeem your points, fill up on how many ‘Lahat Points’ you want to use; select ‘Full Use’ if you want to redeem it all. (Points can only be used for orders over P300).
  6. Review your orders.
  7. Select ‘Pay P(amount)’ below.
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I want to order Korean snacks. How to order from the best Korean restaurant?

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to navigate the app. Here’s a full guide on how to see different food categories and popular restaurants that are available near you.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click the search engine icon located in the middle part or lower corner of your screen. Here, you can select which variation of food you like to order. You can also select your variation easily by sliding food icons below the search engine.
  3. Now, you can click your preferred food and choose your order based on the variety you selected.
  4. You can also see the recommended, local, and newest available stores by scrolling down to your home page.
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Already ordered your food? To track and review your order:

  1. To track your order, go to your order by clicking the ‘Orders’ menu button  and then click ‘Order Status”. Now, you can view if your order is received by the store, the cooking interval, and the rider’s location.
  2. On the other hand, to review the delivery, go to your orders. You can see your order history and then click ‘Add Review’. You can also add a review after you receive your order as ‘Notification Review’ will appear.
Food delivery app