Ssamtastic: The Art of the Korean Wrap


The Korean wave has not only swept us away with music and television series but also with its delicious cuisine. It wouldn’t be surprising that no matter how hard it was to pronounce samgyeopsal before, it never missed the list of dishes that most Filipinos wanted to eat as a couple or as a group with special events, or just random get-togethers. Eating samgyeopsal is a popular dish in Korea that makes you feel like you are there even if you don’t have enough budget to go to Korea. Now, the name of that Korean dish rolls on our tongues smoothly, and we are all so obsessed with it.

Beyond BBQ: Meaning of Samgyeopsal

To those who don’t know yet, samgyeopsal means “three-layer flesh.” It’s a mouth-watering Korean dish made from pork belly that has three layers of lean meat and fat. However, it is not only the unlimited grilled meat that makes samgyeopsal so fun and addictive to eat— it is the way we wrap the glistening juicy grilled meat with crispy lettuce or any fresh leafy vegetables. The delicious contrast of cool lettuce and the warmth of meat plus our customized add-on, such as garlic or kimchi for an extra punch, or some sliced scallions for freshness with a dollop of ssamjang, a pungent and spicy soybean paste sauce before we fold it into a neat bundle and take a big bite.

A Bite-Sized Journey Through Ssamtastic

The art of wrapping in Korean cuisine known as ssam is truly a fun and delightful experience. So, here’s a little trivia: Did you know that ssam (the Korean word for wrapping) has been part of Korean cuisine since the Three Kingdoms Era (57 BCE-668 CE)? This wrapping leafy vegetable was a traditional dish that farmers enjoyed during working hours.  It is usually eaten with namul, a side dish made of vegetables, and is a must-have during Jeongwal Daeboreum, one of the 4 major Korean traditional holidays.


And not just that, did you know that according to the Korean tradition, if you eat a big ssam with your mouth open, luck will come to your household? Even today, some people believe that eating a big ssam in one bite brings good luck.

Where to Order Samgyeopsal Restaurants to Satisfy Your Cravings

With a multitude of samgyeopsal restaurants in the Philippines, we list down the three best Korean restaurants that will give you the best #ssamtastic experience. If you are unable to dine in at these restaurants, don’t worry you can still enjoy these mouth-watering premium grilled meat with Korean side dishes by ordering them through the Lahat Food app.

Enjoy the savory meat and the joy of customizing the stuffing of your lettuce to your liking in the comfort of your home.

1. Jang Geum Kitchen

Jang Geum Kitchen

Nestled on the bustling Macapagal Boulevard, lies a popular spot that offers an authentic Korean dining experience at your table. This restaurant is known for serving premium-quality beef that is best to savor in groups. They offer a beef couple set featuring hadolbagi, Woo Samgyup, Marinated Salchisal, rice, steamed egg, and side dishes that will certainly indulge your tastebuds. With prices ranging from 500 to 2199 pesos, you can enjoy a sumptuous Korean meal without breaking the bank.

2. Songdowon Korean restaurant
Songdowon Korean restaurant

In Quezon City, Songdowon Korean Restaurant is a top choice when you are craving a slice of thick-cut meat that will melt the flavor in your mouth. And not just that besides their premium meat it also offers a limitless cheese dip for the perfect cheesy bite. They also offer an extensive selection of side dishes that complete the flavorful and satisfying Korean BBQ  experience. No doubt,  Korean actor Kim Seung Soo enjoyed and was impressed by the quality and flavor of their food. The price of the various set menus ranges from 1630 -7990 pesos, depending on the type of meat.

3. Seoul Galbi
Seoul Galbi

From all the samgyeopsal restaurants in Makati, Seoul Galbi offers a wide range of flavored meat to grill and enjoy the delight of lettuce wrapping. They serve a variety of marinated meats like pork belly in red wine and herb, pork belly in spicy chilly sauce, marbled beef, and more,  alongside classic cuts and delicious side dishes. Each delicious bite will transport you straight to the streets of Seoul. The price ranges from 360-740 pesos.