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This is the JOB STORYwhere you can read all the updates and news about job searching and other job-related topics.


Finding a job has never been easier especially today where competition when it comes to experience, credentials, and educational background are the things HR is looking for. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore as we provide tips and tricks you can use for your job application and to improve your working ethics.


This is the JOB STORYwhere you can get the important stories about jobs you never knew you needed.



LAHAT JOBS App Features

Do you have a goal of finding your dream job this year? But it turns out that applying for a job is hectic. Well, why not try job applications to make your job search a hassle-free process? Try it here in LAHAT JOBS, a new job search engine with Job Counselling, AI Integration, Job Map, and Networking are the key features of the app. Get in on Google Play and Apple App Store and start your career!

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LAHAT JOBS Resume Rewards 2024

RECAP: Watch here the highlights of Resume Rewards Awarding 2024. 5 lucky winners of P5,000 cash and LAHAT JOBS freebies. While 10 winners of P3,000 GCash, and 20 winners of P2,000 GCash. The said winners were awarded last February 17, 2024 via Facebook live. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Search for LAHAT JOBS on Google Play and Apple App Store. Create your account and start your career.

To register your resume, go to your ‘Profile’ and then click the ‘Resume’. To continue, click the ‘Register’ button. Start adding your photo, educational background, working conditions, self-introduction, ability, and portfolio. Check the ‘Publishing my resume on Talent Info’ and then ‘Register’.

Go to the app and click the menu bar to be found on the left side of your screen. Click the ‘Jobs by specialization’ located below the Region and Specialization section. Here, you can search for your job specialty.